Marwari Kavad by Satyanarayan (10 part kavad, 14 inch height)

Artist : Satya Narayan Suthar
Size : Medium
Dimensions : H-1.1ft I H-14 inch
Medium : Natural Colors on Wood

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Satya Narayan Suthar

Satya Narayan Suthar is a Kavad Art National Award Winner. Satyanarayan Suthar was born in Bassi, Rajasthan in 1972 and attended a local school. His father taught him the technique of Kavad making, but when he was sixteen, he had to leave home and fend for himself. He was an artisan for a business firm that exported crafts. The experience increased his productivity and sharpened his technique, giving his work a particular character. He lives in a leased flat with a workspace and a business on the ground level. In Udaipur, he produces kavads and other wooden objects for visitors and merchants. He has received several honours for his innovative efforts in the art of kavad manufacturing. He received the District award in 2004, the State award in 2009, and the National award recently.

Art Form


The Kavad is a mobile story-telling device that sometimes serves as a temporary temple. It is created by combining the skills of carpentry, painting and narration. As separate professions, the carpenter is called a suthar, an artist is a chitrakar, and a story teller is a bhat. The Kavad makers combine the work of the carpenter and artist, while the Kavadia Bhats do the narration. The Kavad is made only in a village called Bassi, in Chittorgarh District of Rajasthan.