My Deepest Roots (Italian Grey Leather Tote)


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“I'm planting a tree to teach me to gather strength from my deepest roots.”

The tree of life is symbolic in all cultures of creation, growth, protection and nourishment. Earlier, in remote forested areas, the bridegroom offered a tree to his bride as bride price, but the shortage of trees and of land eventually led to the offering of the painted Tree of Life, signifying an eternal relationship. The Tree of Life in Madhubani painting has been, from the genesis of this art form, a powerful symbol of hope for longevity and fertility. The spreading branches of the Tree of Life shelter a flock of peacocks.

Exploring the co-existence of living creatures with their environment, our artist Ambika Devi in the Kachni (line work) style of Madhubani art extends the vibrant branches of her folk traditions to you through the Madhubani rendition of the Tree of Life.


  • Height 12.5", Length 18", Width 4.6" 
  • Grey Cow leather from Italy 
  • Lining inside , metal fittings
  • Metal feet
  • 2 internal pockets with chain , two small pockets without chain