Rama, Laxmana & Sita at Vanvas: Chitrakathi Painting by Chetan Gangavane

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Chetan Gangavane blue-tick
Size : Medium
Dimensions : H-15 W-21 inches
Medium : Acrylic Colors on Handmade Paper

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Renowned artist Chetan Gangavane's Chitrakathi Painting, "Rama, Laxmana & Sita At Vanvas," showcases a captivating artistic tradition deeply rooted in oral storytelling, once celebrated in the Maharashtra-Karnataka region. The term 'Chitrakathi' translates to 'painting' ('chitra') and 'story' ('katha'), embodying the essence of this mesmerizing art form. Each pothi, a collection of over 50 paintings, serves as a visual narrative in the hands of the artist, eloquently recounting tales of myth and legend. Gangavane's artwork weaves a rich tapestry of colors, using earthy tones to evoke the rustic charm of the forest while infusing vibrancy into the characters. The intricate motifs and patterns tell a timeless story, preserving a unique cultural heritage in each brushstroke.

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    Art Form


    "Chitrakathi Paintings," originating from Maharashtra and with a history spanning 300 to 400 years, are a captivating fusion of visual storytelling. The name itself, derived from "Chitra" (picture) and "Kathi" or "Katha" (story), perfectly encapsulates the essence of these performances, seamlessly blending the art of storytelling with intricate painting. Preserved by the Thakkar tribal community of Maharashtra, this endangered art form unfolds on individual painted sheets, bundled together as "pothis," each bundle weaving a cohesive narrative. These performances typically grace festive occasions at village temples in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. The oral narratives, deeply rooted in texts like the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Puranas, are presented in a Keertan-style, accompanied by folk instruments like the dholki and veena. 

    Product Details

    Rama, Laxmana & Sita at Vanvas: Chitrakathi Painting by Chetan Gangavane
    Chetan Gangavane
    Art Style
    Acrylic Colors
    15 in(H) X 21 in(W)
    Green, Blue, Brown
    Country of Origin
    Maharashtra, India
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