Return to the Root, Blue Vegan Laptop Bag/Tote


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The ten things arise together;
In their arising is their return.
Now they flower,
And flowering
Sink homeward,
Returning to the root.
~Lao Tzu

All things are in process, rising and returning. Plants come to blossom, but only to return to the root. 

Our Gond Artist Venkat Shyam illustrates this circle of life through these elephants, embodying the interconnectedness of nature and of living beings with each other manifested in every Gond tradition.


  • A lightweight tote bag with a padded partition for the safe storage of a laptop measuring upto 14" 
  • Inside: One wall pocket - zippered, Two wall pockets - open
  • Padded partition for laptop or other electronic devices. (ipad, kindle, etc)
  • Base: Five sturdy legs for protection of your devices and to reduce wear and tear of the bag from underneath. 
  • Strap: Twice reinforced handle with broad cotton straps for strength and comfort on the shoulder, rivetted in place. 
  • Closure: A zipper to ensure that your belongings are safe, especially in an x-ray machine at the airport or metro station. It has a long tail, should you need a wider opening for that inevitable over-stuffing! 
  • Dimensions: 17" across on top, 14.5" across at the bottom, 13" tall and 5" wide at the base. 11" drop height of the strap, so you can carry it on your shoulder even over a bulky dupatta or shawl.