Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu story in Pattachitra Art by Purusottam Swain

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Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's tales, handpainted in Pattachitra art by Purusottam Swain

The painting portrays the story of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, He is shown standing in the middle of the structure surrounded by all his beloved followers hailing him; the composition in itself is very engaging with each window showing a different scene from his life. In the foreground people are shown dancing and celebrating the deity, while at the top gods and goddesses are shown surrounding his presence.

The sky is painted in brick red with flowers flowing down on the temple. The artist used dull shades as background and plain figures to maintain the balance in the painting.

Hailing from the village of Raghurajpur, the village of pattachitra artists in India, Purusottam Swain's family has been painting for more than 6 generations. 

The name Pattachitra has evolved from the Sanskrit words patta, meaning canvas, and chitra, meaning picture. Originally from Odisha, Pattachitra is thus a painting done on canvas, and is manifested by rich colourful application, creative motifs and designs, and portrayal of simple themes, mostly mythological in depiction. More than anything, the themes are clearly the essence of the art form, conceptualising the meaning of the paintings.


  • Size: Length 4 feet by 2.5 feet
  • Price is for unframed painting and painting would be sent without a frame
  • Handpainted in Pattachitra style on Tassar silk
  • The image shown here is representative to help visualise the painting in a home setting and not an actual framed image
  • This painting will be made to order and will take 3-4 weeks
  • Certificate of Authentication will be provided
  • Please write to us at for any customisation in size or ping us on the website chat

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