Tea Light Bird in Terracotta art by Dolon Kundu

A terracotta Tea Light shaped like a bird with patterns all over its body and beautiful carvings to make it an attractive art piece.

About the artist: Dolon Kundu is a Master terracotta artist from village Bardhawan in Kolkata and has been practicing this craft for over 45 years. She has won many accolades and awards like the National Handicrafts Award, the State Award for handicrafts and has exhibited extensively across India and internationally in the UK as well as the prestigious International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe. She has a very distinctive and intricate style in terracotta and has also been sharing her knowledge with many others with the training she has been imparting to hundreds of other artisans in village Bardhawan .


  • Size: 7 by 4.5 inches
  • Price is for 1 tea light
  • Design may differ slightly from what is displayed in the image as each artwork is handmade 
  • Handmade by Terracotta artist Dolon Kundu
  • Made to order in 2-3 weeks
  • The image shown here is representative to help visualize the artwork in a home setting and not an actual framed image.
  • Artworks that are sold out can be made to order in 2-3 weeks
  • COD cannot be accepted as a payment option for paintings and artworks
  • Certificate of Authentication will be provided
  • Please write to us at yosha.gupta@memeraki.com for any customization in size or ping us on the website chat
  • Domestic shipping is included. For international shipping, we will have to let you know the cost of shipping separately as the standard international shipping charges of INR2000 would not apply as these pieces are more expensive to ship

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