The Elephant’s Tale

“There was a time, when the elephant’s nose was no bigger than a boot that he could wriggle from side to side. But one young and curious elephant changed that! Full of questions about all that he saw around him, the young elephant one day asked “I wonder what a crocodile eats for dinner?” Despite all the animals warning him, he went up to the river to ask the crocodile himself. In reply, the crocodile bit the young elephant and dragged him into the water! But the powerful young elephant pulled back with all his might. As the struggle ensued, the young elephant’s nose kept getting longer, and longer, and longer until the crocodile had to let go. The elephant waited for his nose to shrink back, but it never did. And this is how the elephant got his long trunk that it swishes around!” ~The Elephant Child by Rudyard Kipling

The gigantic and powerful elephant are one of the smartest, most empathetic of all animals. A key character in many children’s tales across India, the elephant is a traditional symbol of wealth, power, and prosperity. Moti Ji handpaints the beloved elephant in bright tones in her traditional Madhubani style, recounting all the wonderful stories she and women across the country narrate to their children. Let this unique ebony and green bag take you on a journey across the rich folklore of India!


  • Length 10 inches, height 8 inches & width 3.4 inches
  • Black Cow leather
  • Lining inside
  • 1 internal pocket
  • Removable, adjustable shoulder strap