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Also known as Mithila painting due to its origins in the Mithila region of India and Nepal, Madhubani is a traditional Indian folk art made on canvas, cloth or cow dung washed hand paper. Natural dye and colors are used in creation of Madhubani artworks with geometrical figures and vibrant colors being key elements. Commonly depicted subjects in Madhubani paintings are tales of religious characters/Gods such as Krishna, Rama, Durga, Shiva, Saraswati, and Durga.

“There is a reason our art and village is called the forest of honey or Madhubani. No matter how time goes on or the changes we see around us, we will always innovate and make you fall in love with our sweet artform!” A young and enterprising artist in his twenties from the village of Madhubani in Bihar, Ranjeet Jha learnt the vibrant art of Madhubani painting from his mother when he was 7 years old. He has manifested his love for nature, art, and the inspiring symbol of the Tree of Life in enchanting artworks on a variety of media! The natural colours and the inspiring symbolism behind every motif created brings him closer to his traditions as he spreads his message of peace and happiness through art across India.


  • Size: 30 *15"
  • Painted with water colours.
  • Price is for unframed painting and painting would be sent without a frame
  • The image shown here is representative to help visualise the painting in a home setting and not an actual framed image
  • Paintings that are sold out can be made to order in 2-3 weeks
  • COD cannot be accepted as a payment option for paintings
  • Certificate of Authentication will be provided
  • Please write to us at for any customisation in size or ping us on the website chat.