Trident Armlet

The trident — a weapon with three prongs and an iron handle—is often held by Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction. Given to him by Vishwakarma, and made by discharged sun matter, this weapon is known as Trishula in Sanskrit. The points on the three prongs are believed to symbolize creation, maintenance and destruction in accordance with the Hindu trinity.


This delicately hand-crafted armlet is inspired from this weapon and made by traditional Molela Terracotta artists from Rajasthan. Terracotta translates to 'baked earth' in Italian, and has occupied a prominent place in material history. Made with all natural materials, this bracelet is a sustainable accessory.

The Molela Terracotta armlet is a special gift for a brother who loves local traditions and cares about the environment. A gift that will not only make him happy but also become a reminder of the mythological armor that has made us feel safe for centuries.