Artistic Treasures: Our Team's Favorite Paintings

Discover the captivating world of art as we unveil our team's favorite paintings. From stunning landscapes to mesmerizing portraits, these artworks have captured our hearts and ignited our imagination. Each painting holds a unique story, resonating with the emotions and experiences of the artists who created them. Get ready to be inspired by some of our team's favorite paintings!


1. The Flower Girl: Kerela Mural Painting by Adarsh


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Undeniably, this flower girl painting has a stunning array of colors according to Vishakha. The artist’s choice to showcase the girl’s vitality is apparent here. The presence of flowers and colorful background serves as an invitation into her world. It feels as if the girl in the painting is quite at ease with her daily routine. Her world is not complex and the simplicity is a cause of her peacefulness. The cheerfulness in the face radiates a sense of hope and inner joy.


2. Draupadi and Krishna: Kangra painting by Mukesh Kumar Dhiman


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This artwork radiates a captivating charm that skillfully captures the essence of its inspiration, the Mahabharata. The painting beautifully portrays the deep connection between Draupadi and Krishna, depicting them engaged in a profound conversation. According to Anika, these significant figures of the Mahabharata are not siblings by blood, but rather by choice. Their bond transcends familial ties, representing a commitment to protect and support each other through all circumstances. The muted color palette and the presence of a serene water body nearby contribute to the overall tranquility of the scene, making it a delightful sight to behold.


3. Manjushri, God of Wisdom: Thangka Painting by Krishna Tashi Palmo


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Artist Krishna Tashi Palmo has created an amazing work of art that has a bold use of colors. The meticulous designs are adding to the visual impact of the painting of Manjushri. The Goddess portrayed in the painting embodies the quality of wisdom, which, for Agrima, is an integral element in living a fulfilling life. What sets this painting apart is the juxtaposition of the striking and dramatic colors with the overall sense of serenity that this painting is offering to the viewers.


4. Motherhood: Gond Painting by Venkat Shyam


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Aditya finds Venkat Ji’s understanding of color theory remarkable. The image of a mother and a child is a universal symbol of love and tenderness, and this theme has been brilliantly captured by Venkat Ji. The fetus is well-placed inside its mother’s womb, and this immediately comes to our attention. The theme is well presented with the help of intricate details of the traditional Gond paintings. The modern color palette adds to the captivating piece of art.


5. Hide and Seek, Cows and Leaves: Pichwai style by Mohan Prajapati


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Debobarni loves the playful interaction between the domestic cows with Krishna amidst the lush green vegetation. The work exudes a sense of cheerfulness. She says, ‘This painting has such a fun conception’. Meanwhile, it is also serving as a ‘stunning example of traditional Pichwai style painting’.  The depiction of the cows wearing head ornaments serves to emphasize their longstanding status as cherished members of Indian society. Overall, this painting provides a refreshing and visually pleasing experience.


6. Ant Life: Warli Painting by Anil Wangad


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What attracts Yosha about artwork is either, ‘the story or the artist behind it’. She is in awe of the amount of effort that must have gone into the creation of the story of the ‘Bhon’ or Ant Dwelling. Her interpretation of the painting is quite interesting, she mentions that this piece is symbolic of how one of the tiniest creatures in the world holds the seeds of humanity. These creatures are not only capable of restoring humanity if the ‘pralay strikes’  but they are also capable of providing hope for the future.


7. Tree of Life:  Kalamakri Painting by Harinath. N


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Sanidhya seems to be an admirer of vibrant hues. The bright color used in the beautiful Kalamkari painting by Harinath Ji is something that has captivated her attention. She feels that, the subtle use of bright colors such as, ‘green, blue, and red are eye-catching and express happiness’. Additionally, the beautiful motifs of birds and flowers are thoughtfully arranged in a way that any viewer will find them aesthetically pleasing.



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