Unveiling the Shiv-Ganesh Prints: Mahaveer Swami's Bikaneri Art

Becoming an artist is a continuous process that requires constant reinvention. Mahaveer Swami's art is a testament to years of dedication and effort he has put into perfecting his craft. As one of the last remaining Bikaner painters, Mahaveer Swami is globally renowned for his unique style.


Mahaveer Swami in MeMeraki's Bikaner Miniature Art Masterclass

Mahaveer Swami in MeMeraki's Bikaner Miniature Art Masterclass


With his son taking over, Mahaveer Swami's Bikaner art is taking a new shape. Each painting is a masterpiece that requires tremendous effort, which is why limited copies are available, with only one of each painting existing in the world. As a result, these paintings are highly prized and are a collector's dream.


Anurag Swami in MeMeraki's Bikaner Miniature Art Masterclass

Anurag Swami in MeMeraki's Bikaner Miniature Art Masterclass 


To make these paintings more accessible to art enthusiasts, Anurag Swami has come up with an innovative idea of printing the art on high-quality paper. The technology used is so advanced that these prints are as good as the original paintings. They not only make these paintings affordable for the common man but also help establish and strengthen artistic integrity in many ways.


We are delighted to introduce the Bikaner Miniature Prints Collection at Memeraki, starting with Swami's Shiv-Ganesh Collection. These paintings feature figures from Hindu mythology, with a particular focus on the Shiva family. Mahaveer Swami's strokes are careful and calculated, yet elegant, creating a serene look, even for one of the fiercest gods we know.


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The paintings are somber but convey a statement, depicting grand figures from mythology in a contained and sophisticated way. These paintings go well with all kinds of setups, whether you prefer an indie-chic look or a professional work setting. Combining them with terracotta work can create a fusion look, while the light shades of colors used make them suitable for any setting. These fine prints allow you to enjoy Mahaveer Swami's work while accepting the fickle nature of art and how one cannot truly ever "possess" it.



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