Are all of these bags painted by hand or printed?
Each of our bags have been painted by a folk artist from India and each of these bags carry a unique story because of this motif. These artists and their families have been painting over generations to perfect their craft.
Do I need to take any special care to maintain the colours? 
We have followed a rigorous process to ensure that the paints are long lasting and have in fact been experimenting on our own bags for the last 2 years to be sure about this process. Try to avoid taking the bags in the rain and just keep them in the dustbag given by us when not in use.
Are your bags made of genuine leather?
Yes, all our bags are made of genuine cow leather , sourced from suppliers who follow ethical manufacturing practices. 
Will you take custom orders?
At this point we are working on our own collection and not taking custom orders but if you really love one of our designs then do get in touch with us and we will see what we can do.
Where are you sourcing your bags?
While some of our bags have been sourced from China, now we have moved our sourcing completely to India and in fact we are also sourcing eco leather now to be true to our ethos of sustainable fashion. You will soon hear more from us about that.
How much are the artists being paid?
Our artists set their own fair payment per bag based on the amount of effort it took them and over and above that we also share 5% of the sale value of the bag with them. So they share the upside too , being true to our artists is the most important mission for us. 
What currency do you charge in?
Our prices are displayed in USD, but your card will be charged in your own currency based on the current conversion rate, so If you’re visiting us from another country, we recommend using xe.com to view up-to-date currency conversions
Where do you ship, how long does shipping take and are the shipping charges extra?
We ship all over the world. Shipping will usually take at least 2 weeks or more depending on your location and for now we are charging a flat rate of USD 20 per international shipment as per industry standards.
How do I track my order?
We will keep you informed about your order via email.
Can I change my address after my order has been shipped?
If you’d like to change the delivery address, please contact us before your order ships out. If the order has been shipped, please contact the delivery courier with your tracking number and updated information.

Orders may be subject to duties and taxes, and customers are responsible for these fees. please note that Meraki does not have any control over duties and taxes. We cannot advise as to what the costs will be, as they vary by country. For information on these fees, please contact your local customs office. for more on duties & taxes.
How can I care for the bags which are made of eco leather?
The surface of eco leather is permeable. Please keep it away from oil and do wash your hands after you eat and before you touch the bag. If any oil gets on it, cover the stain with talcum powder for a few hours to a day depending on the severity and it will absorb the oil. Also keep the eco leather bag away from water. If it gets wet, the leather will darken wherever the water falls but the water will dry up and the leather colour will return to normal again. But it is not recommended to keep getting it wet. If any colour or dirt gets on the bag, you could try an light rubbing with an eraser. But very, very light rubbing only or the surface of the leather will come off. 
How can we get in touch with you?
Write to us at wecare@memeraki.com and we will get back to you soon.