Ahmedabad & Kutch

The notion of culture of India and its textiles is interwoven. Nothing quite like the insightful embrace of one of India's most respected and valued cultures - textiles. Breakaway takes you on a journey to meet textile craft communities in Gujarat.

Get into the heart of India. Explore the rich, historic heartlands of India and discover the most lavish and intricate displays of weaving, hand block printing and embroidery traditions native to India. We offer you a 7 nights & 8 days of immersive interaction with the craft communities that will leave you asking for more...

Patterns in the Desert, A Textile trip to Jaipur with Breakaway

With a textile designer leading, we delve into blending block prints and traditional textile designs, now shaped into contemporary fashion. Exploring traditional block makers and printers gives a glimpse of collections with exquisite brass blocks and priceless hand blocks. Visiting local production workshops and discussions with designers provide a fuller appreciation of a world filled with color and steeped in tradition and old-world techniques. An interactive, hands-on experience with leading textile craftsmen offers a fresh perspective on the technical composition of Indian textiles as we navigate through exquisite products. Building our own collection of fine textiles becomes possible when visiting a treasure chest filled with the finest handcrafted textiles.

Woven Trails through Hyderabad

Explore a land where opulence is woven into rich silks and cottons, with finer details in elegant garments and accessories through exquisite embroidery. Interactive visits with a textile design expert and local artisans deepen understanding of various weaving and printing techniques. Explore India's historic heartlands, unveiling lavish displays of hand block printing and embroidery traditions. Breakaway offers immersive interactions with craft communities, leaving you yearning for more. From encounters with master craftsmen to exclusive shopping sprees and glimpses into India's finest private collections, each trail is adorned with savored experiences.

Kashmir By Hand: A Craft & Textile Journey to Kashmir

Witness master weavers crafting delicate Pashmina, an exquisite fabric made from Pashm fiber, one-tenth the width of human hair. Observe embroiderers working with silk on Jamavaar shawls and carpets that take months to create. Delve into the delicate art of papier-mâché using mystic gold, mineral dyes, and cats’ hair brushes, a legacy from ancient Persians. Your guide, intimately familiar with Kashmiri crafts, adds tremendous value to your experience. Walk through narrow streets to see exquisite workmanship around walnut wood carving. Roam through old bazaars adorned with dry fruits, silks, and spices. Develop an appetite for a traditional Kashmiri banquet, Wazwan. Craft yourself a new experience as you immerse in the artistry of this place and its people.